Carpet flooring serves as a benefit to any business or office space due to its durability against high volumes of foot traffic and inevitable spills. Customizability is effortless thanks to our extensive variety of colors, textures, styles, and sizes. The right carpet can enhance any commercial environment. Whether you seek wall to wall coverage or wish to warm up an office space, together we can find a tasteful and resilient carpet to meet your needs.


Our wide range of inventory allows you to select the exact color, texture, style, and size to complete your custom look for any room. When choosing a high quality carpet, fear of a fresh investment being destroyed is no longer a reality thanks to modern advances in fiber and technology. These advancements also provide you with the ability to choose the right carpet for your lifestyle. Select fibers can be chosen to sustain spill prone environments or meet hypoallergenic needs. In today’s world, the right carpet can be comfortable and strong, lasting through an unpredictable and messy life.

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Carpet Flooring in Western New York

Add instant warmth to any home or office space with the stylish yet durable carpet and rug options at either of our two carpet stores in Buffalo, NY. Our inventory boasts a vast selection of colors, textures, styles, and sizes to fit your budget. Find something soft yet durable for a home with kids and pets running around or add an area rug to the office to complement the décor. Update your carpets or rugs in a single room or throughout your property with the help of our dealers at our carpet stores.


Why Choose Carpet?

Carpet is strong – Strength is often not the first feature you think of when you consider carpet.  Carpet stands up to foot traffic and resists life’s spills like never before. Now there’s no reason to put off buying new carpet because you have small children or pets.  The choices available for carpeting today offer the resistance & strength your floor needs.

Carpet is soft – Today’s carpet manufacturers have your lifestyle in mind when in comes to your flooring options, this has resulted in the development of the most foot-friendly and softest carpets we have ever seen.  Advances in fiber, weave and backing technologies have resulted in carpet that brings both durability and refinement to any room.


We Carry the Best Brands for Your Carpet Needs!

At our carpet stores we extend our high standards for quality to our carpet brands, so we carry the most trusted names in the industry. Choose carpeting and rugs from the following:

  • Dream Weaver Carpet
  • Milliken® Carpet
  • Masland® Residential
  • Queen™
  • Shaw Carpet
  • Stanton Carpet
  • Tuftex Carpet
  • Mohawk® Commercial

Installing carpet is a specialized skill. In a world where do-it-yourself projects are ‘the way to go’ Allasen Carpet CO. is here to make sure you don’t have to struggle with installing your new carpets. The reality is that with DIY projects — especially with things like carpet installation — oftentimes there are several steps that can be confusing or demanding for even ‘”professional” do-it-yourself-ers’. Also, who has time to install their own carpets when you always have things to do on the weekends? If you’re in the market for affordable carpet installation services, or even just an on-site flooring consultation in the Buffalo or Amherst, NY areas, give Allasen Carpet CO. a call today!

Efficient Flooring Services Throughout Buffalo

After three generations running our flooring company & carpet stores in Buffalo, NY, it’s safe to say flooring expertise runs in the family. We have decades of experience to back our professional advice so feel free to ask us questions. Our representatives would be happy to help you narrow down your selection based on the needs of your residential or commercial property. We also offer on-site consultations to give you a more accurate estimate of how much carpeting you’ll need and what to expect for installation fees. When our professional crew installs your new carpeting, we offer you a one-year guarantee on labor. We can also discuss warranty services and the proper care of your new rug or carpet flooring.

To serve our customers in the greater Buffalo, NY area, we maintain two sister carpet stores in Buffalo. Each of our stores carries a complete selection of carpet, rugs and a wood salon. We also carry a large selection in-stock carpet available for your immediate installation needs.

Carpet Care

The carpet you put in your home is likely to last anywhere between 5 to 15 years. Although your lifestyle and factors such as having pets or young children may seem like the final determinant of your carpet’s life expectancy, how you care for the carpet is more of an indicator than anything. Caring for your carpet correctly can allow for beautiful flooring for fifteen years, here’s how:


We recommend vacuuming your carpets twice a week. This may seem like a lot, but when you don’t keep up with routine vacuuming, your carpets will begin to show wear a lot sooner and become difficult to maintain. When you are vacuuming, don’t push the vacuum around too quickly. Pulling your vacuum back towards you is the most effective time for sucking up any dirt or other particles. You should remember to push the vacuum in a variety of different directions to help break up anything trapped below the surface level.

Treating Stains

The best way to treat a stain is to treat it before it becomes one! Allowing a stain to sit will give it time to set in, which can make it very difficult to remove. Remember to blot a spill instead of trying to rub it out. Rubbing or scrubbing your carpet will result in wear and tear. When working with a stain, use an all-white towel or paper towel to avoid dye from a colored towel rubbing off on the carpet. Always blot the stained area until it is dried completely; letting liquids sit can cause bacteria or possibly even mold.

Here at Allasen Carpet, we carry all the best brands and provide you with quality carpet installation.