Laminate Flooring in Buffalo, NY

laminate flooring installation - Buffalo, NY
laminate flooring - Buffalo, NY
laminate flooring installation - Buffalo, NY
Laminate flooring has become an increasingly more popular choice in home flooring over the years. It has a look similar to that of hardwood, but the way it is made and holds up is quite different.

Laminate is made of four layers:
  1. Wear Layer – The wear layer, or the surface layer comes in a variety of high gloss and matte finishes. It serves as a protectant shield from scratching, fading and scuffing.
  2. Pattern Layer – The pattern layer includes the printed floor design that give the laminate its distinctive appearance. You can choose from a diverse selection of designs and prints to customize your floor with the theme or style of your space.
  3. Substrate Layer – The substrate layer is made up of either a high-density fiberboard (HDF) or a medium-density fiberboard (MDF). This layer is resistant to water and is held together with resin and adhesive. 
  4. Backing Layer – The backing layer is made up of either melamine, paper or plastic. It functions to withstand moisture and offer support to the floor. 
Our laminate flooring looks so realistic, you’ll find yourself asking, “Is it laminate … or is it hardwood?” Low maintenance and stylish, laminate flooring by Armstrong® gives you the same look as authentic hardwood floors without the same high price. It's easy to clean and maintain; all you need is a swiffer broom and some laminate cleaner. For a warm wood look, durability, and the best quality for your money, laminate is an exceptionally good choice.

Laminate flooring installation is the perfect solution for the cost-conscious buyer. The product and the installation are less expensive than solid hardwood flooring, but it still provides a sturdy and attractive flooring option. Laminate is available in a wide array of designs, so finding one suitable for your room’s decor won't be difficult. While at one time laminate was limited to hardwood like images, modern laminate flooring is available in hardwood, stone tile or ceramic tile designs.
Contact us to learn about the various stains and styles of laminate available. 
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